To most Canadians, the Molson name is part of the very fabric of Canada. Since 1786, when John Molson founded his first brewery in Montreal, it has become synonymous with beer, hockey, and philanthropy. Few realize, however, how close the family came in recent years to losing control of the enterprise. Back to Beer… and Hockey offers intimate details of the life and work of Eric Molson, who not only saved the company, but positioned it to thrive as a global brewery into the twenty-first century. 

With unprecedented access to the Molson family, Helen Antoniou traces Eric Molson’s evolution from a young brewmaster captivated by the chemistry of beer-making to chairman of Molson. Quiet by nature, he had to confront big egos, navigate complex boardroom politics, and even battle a disruptive cousin who tried to push him out of the way. Antoniou’s carefully researched account details how the introverted Eric overcame his aversion to conflict to take the company from a failing conglomerate back to its core business of beer, eventually turning it into one of the world’s leading brewers. Today, he has passed the torch to his sons, the seventh generation, but his steadfast vision prevails.

“Helen Antoniou’s Back to Beer… and Hockey is the ultimate insider’s account from a family member with an eye for detail and a nose for issues. Her account of one of Canada’s most-fascinating families is both tender and tough. It is not only the story of Canada’s favourite drink and Canada’s most-successful hockey franchise but also of the many Molsons at the centre of both – a family filled with wonder and worts, a story quintessentially Canadian.”


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Back to Beer... and Hockey: The Story of Eric Molson is now available! You can order your copy online or buy it at your favourite bookstore across the country.

Back to Beer… and Hockey will be available
on May 2, 2018. Your can pre-order your copy at many booksellers.



Helen Antoniou © Copyright 2018 

Helen Antoniou © Copyright 2018